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Our story

As long as Shoshana can remember she always loved art and creativity.  Growing up in New York City, some of Shoshana's oldest memories is of Sunday morning painting pasta for beading with her dad, or creating a huge cardboard painted play house. Its seems as if all of Shoshana's past has been leading up to her creating DIYTLV.  

It wasnt untill Shoshana met her now husband, Yair, did he help shine a light to some of Shoshana's dormant loves. One day in the begging of their relationship Yair asks to see Shoshana's paintings. Shoshana was confused, she hasnt painted in more than 10 years, why did he think she had any paintings to show him. Yair was so taken aback, he was sure Shoshana was a painter, an artist! How could she not be constantly creating, he thought, with the way she sees the world, she must.

Shoshana eventually because of that very conversation started taking painting classes and loved every moment, so much so, that she created "Vino and Van Gogh" nights in New York City so others could enjoying painting too.

Shoshana moved to Tel Aviv, Israel in the summer of 2016. As a new immigrant Shoshana was always interested in trying to find her community, find her space, her place. She felt that Tel Aviv was lacking people coming together to grow, learn new skills, and create art, not only for paint nights but different crafts. She invited a few friends over to create dream catchers and the rest is history. Word spread from there, and DIYTLV was born, first doing monthly workshops quickly become weekly to currently multi weekly workshops across Tel Aviv and all of Israel. 

Shoshana loves the challenges of constantly learning new crafting techniques and finding the perfect vendors and supply shops. Her favorite saying is "i have a guy for that". She tries to buy her supplies from small business owners and uses recycled, upcycled materials whenever possible.  

When Shoshana isnt crafting, she is enjoying her sacred morning coffee, at the beach, or exploring the streets of Tel Aviv. 

Creating and running DIYTLV has been Shoshana's biggest joy. Having people create something beautiful that they never thought they could then proudly hang it in their apartment is fulfillment.  She enjoys meeting so many new people from all over the world, and that all DIYTLV workshops are done in a supportive, diverse, fun, and relaxing environment.

Hope to see you at a workshop soon,


Shoshana and Yair 

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