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This new ketubah design was inspired by Solomon’s knot. Two entwined interlacing knots that join together. Has no begging or end( representing enternity.) This ketubah creates a symbol of love. 

Sometimes in science a sign for an atom (electrons orbiting a nucleus) are various of Solomon’s knot. 

Just like the building blocks of all matter, may our love be entwined in our daily lives. Forever together, interlacing our existence. 

 It’s been really fun seeing how my new ideas and designs are created! The long process of a hint of an idea slowly developing into possibilities. I’m really proud of this design and I love that the colors can be customized depending on what colors they want! (To match their favorite colors? Or colors of their wedding?) here are a deep turquoise, and a deep coral- royal outlines in gold and bronze foil calligraphy. 

Entwined ketubah

  • Please allow for 8 weeks creation time for our ketubahs. All our ketubahs are hand crafted custom works, so please allow for enough time. 

    Shipping: FREE international shipping! Please allow 4 weeks for international shipping. 

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