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Mazal tov! We are so honored to be a part of your wedding! Our ketubahs are all hand painted. Each unique and custom (just like you!). 

Our Ketubah gallery

  • Ketubah Text
    Ketubah text: Each ketubah can be done in two languages. Some of our most requested ketubah languages texts are English, Hebrew, and Aramaic but we are happy to use any languages you like. Choose the text that is right for you! Feel free to consult with your Rabbi/ officiant for help. We have some examples here to help guide you. Or send us your own versions! RCA Orthodox Ketubah Text Conservative with Lieberman clause: Ketubah text with non binary wording Reform ketubah text
  • How did you get into Ketubah creation?
    As it sometimes happens, slowly at first, then all at once. For the last 7 years I have run Arts & Crafts workshops all over the world. I have loved every minute of it, creating creative experiences for people and teams from Singapore, Paris, Hong Kong, Tel Aviv, Cooperhangen, LA, and Australia. Slowly, I started to have a longing to create more Art. To sit, paint, and enjoy. Then my amazing sister got engaged and i decided i would make her a ketubah. As i was creating the design, I fell in love. I knew that in that moment that i would dedicate my days to painting ketubahs.
  • Whats the process? Steps?
    Pick a ketubah design! (or decide you want a total customized design) Fill in basic questions (names, wedding date) and purchase ketubah through our website: We will reach out directly answering any questions, getting excited, and to discuss ketubah text options. Send over ketubah draft text for final approval from couple+Rabbi/wedding officiant. Then, I paint your beautiful ketubah, and ship it around the world to you! You: Open package, jump for joy at your custom ketubah and get EVEN more excited about your upcoming wedding.
  • Timeline/ Shipping
    Please allow for 8 weeks of creation time. All kebtuahs are hand painted with watercolor on 300 gr cold press watercolor paper. Please allow for an additional 2 weeks for shipping, although shipping generally arrives in 64 hours. Rush: rush options are available
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